Piper Duncan

Snow Moon


Karma Bites

Piper Duncan

Torn between drifting toward darkness with Jules, or fulfilling her ancient destiny with Noah, everything is on the line as Sera must make impossible choices to reunite The Alliance she was born to rule.

“Hello again,” he said softly and locked his gaze onto mine. “I am so sorry about what happened.
I am sorry about your parents. I wish I could have saved them. But now I’d like to save you. Is that okay?”
I nodded once.

“I don’t want to do anything you are not comfortable with. Like Brock said, bloodsharing is very
normal for Vampires. It’s an extension of our close familial bond with each other. Are you ready?”
I nodded again.

He placed his hand under my chin and tilted it up towards his face. He hesitated slightly, looking
into my eyes and sending shock waves down my spine. He leaned in and placed his lips onto mine. I closed my eyes.

I completely and utterly surrendered. Reality faded away and I was engulfed with the essence of peace, power, and knowledge.

Ignoring the rules of Karma is Deadly.

Teenage twins Seraphina and Steele are returning to Florida from a ski trip in Colorado. Their trip is interrupted by a deadly avalanche and a Vampire attack on Sera’s life. Now orphaned and a long way from home, the twins uncover ancient secrets in their family line that may be the world’s only hope for survival. Unbeknownst to the twins, Karma, in human form has drawn the factions together to the rocky mountain town, Emberglow. Only by uniting can they defeat the darkness. Thrust into an unfamiliar world of supernatural creatures and hidden legends, Sera must choose between her feelings for the Vampire who turned her and fulfilling her destiny. Fighting for her brother’s soul and navigating a new school filled with challenges around every corner, she is torn between drifting toward darkness with Jules or finding the light with Noah, her kindred spirit. Everything is on the line as Sera must ignite old connections to a royal lineage, learn how to control the magic within her essence and make impossible choices to reunite the Alliance she was born to rule.


About the author

Piper Duncan is a PR professional and soccer mom in Colorado who is consumed with the supernatural, our reason for existence, finding balance and carpooling. She has been a professional writer for 25 years, is a former award- winning television journalist and enjoys the trials and tribulations of a 14-year-old son and a 16-year-old daughter who give her inspiration for teenage angst filled stories that fill her debut novel’s pages with a supernatural spin. While her characters are all ancient, they go through typical teenage anxiety while battling through high school and trying to save the world from a great evil at the same time. She is writing the series for fun but also to impart strong values of karma and servant leadership to teenagers worldwide growing up in a world that is far too often divisive and depressing.